A Guide to When Chelsea Galleries Are Reopening After Sandy [Updated]

Workers repairing the Sonnabend Gallery in Chelsea on Nov. 12. (Stan Honda/AFP/Getty Images)

After being hit by flooding from Sandy, galleries are getting back on their feet. Below, a list of when affected galleries are planning to reopen, and the shows they will be presenting. We’ll continually update the list until everyone has reopened. If you have news to share of galleries reopening, please e-mail us or drop a note in the little “tip box” at right; we will continually update this post. (Please note: we’re trying to focus on galleries that were closed as a result of the storm and have not yet reopened.)

303 Gallery
Nov. 17: “The Perfect Show,” with work by the gallery’s entire roster

Ameringer | McEnery | Yohe
Nov. 15: Suzanne Caporael

Jeff Bailey
Early December: Jackie Gendel

Marianne Boesky
Nov. 13: Barnaby Furnas at Chelsea gallery
Upper East Side gallery is open

Nov. 17: “Out of the Blue” group show and Megan Marrin in Room X project space
Daniel Buren show, in conjunction with Petzel, has been postponed to Jan. 10

Reopened: Ali Kazma

Cheim & Read
Nov. 15: Tal R

Churner and Churner
Nov. 13: Danny Lyon

Paula Cooper

Now open: Carl Andre at 534 W. 21st and Eight Sculptors group show at 521 W. 21st. Closes at 5 p.m. Nov. 21 and closed Nov. 22 for the holiday.

DC Moore
Nov. 15: Reception for Robert Kushner show

Derek Eller
Currently closed

Foxy Production
Jan. 3: Sascha Braunig

Fredericks & Freiser
Nov. 28: David Humphrey

Zach Feuer
Dec. 1: Nolan Hendrickson, Eddie Martinez, JP Munro

Gagosian Gallery
Nov. 17: Ed Ruscha at 555 West 24th Street
522 West 21st Street is currently closed, opening of Henry Moore show delayed

Gasser Grunert
Currently closed, but operating out of moving vans in front of the gallery

Gladstone Gallery
Nov. 12: Huang Yong Ping at 530 West 21st Street
Nov. 28: Carroll Dunham at 515 West 224th Street

Harris Lieberman
Nov. 13: Group show of gallery artists
Nov. 29: Alicja Kwade

Haunch of Venison
Nov. 12: Günther Uecker

Casey Kaplan
Jan. 10: Giorgio Griffa

Leo Koenig Inc.
Nov. 20: “Problem Play”

The Kitchen
Nov. 13: Matt Keegan & Eileen Quinlan
Their first-floor performance space remains closed

Nicole Klagsbrun
Nov. 29: Group show

Kravets/Wehby Gallery
Nov. 14: Nina Chanel Abney

Lehmann Maupin
Nov. 14: Mickalene Thomas at Chelsea and Lower East Side galleries

Luhring Augustine
Nov. 27: Glenn Ligon, show extended through Jan. 19
Guido van der Werve show at Bushwuck gallery is open

Lyons Wier Gallery
Nov. 15: Melodie Provenzano

Marlborough Chelsea
Jan. 10: Robert Lazzarini and Yoshiaki Mochizuki

Newman Popiashvili
Nov. 15: Chris Fennell in a space above normal gallery location

Reopened in Chelsea: Kienholz and Michal Rovner
Reopened on 57th Street: Chuck Close

Seth Price show has reopened at the gallery’s new West 18th Street location; Daniel Buren show, planned for former West 22nd Street space and presented in conjunction with Bortolami, has been postponed to Jan. 10 and moved to West 18th Street gallery

Reopened: Judy Fox

Metro Pictures
Nov. 29: Gary Simmons

Printed Matter

Galerie Richard
Nov. 15, 6 p.m.: “Bogart, Gorchov, Matsutani”

Yancey Richardson
Nov. 13: Jitka Hanzlová and Hellen van Meene

Jack Shainman
Nov. 13: Hank Willis Thomas

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
Nov. 13: Mark Bradford

Sonnabend Gallery
Currently closed

Leslie Tonkonow
Nov. 15: Agnes Denes

Vicky David
Reopened: Ricardo Rendon

Currently closed

Winkleman Gallery
Currently closed

Nov. 13: Jason Brinkerhoff

David Zwirner
Nov. 9: Diana Thater show, scheduled originally for January, at 519 West 19th Street
Jan. 10: Francis Alÿs at 525 West 19th Street
Jan. 10: Luc Tuymans at 519 West 19th Street

A Guide to When Chelsea Galleries Are Reopening After Sandy [Updated]