Anonymous Doxes General Petraeus, Claims to Reveal Personal Address and Phone Number

The phone number has since been disconnected.

General Petreaus and his alleged mistress, Paula Broadwell. (Photo:

Doxtor Dox, a hacker affiliated with Anonymous, has published what he claims is the personal information of former CIA head General David Petreaus. Included in the dox, which was published to Pastebin on November 16th and spotted by the Daily Dot, is the personal address and phone number of both General Petraeus and his wife, Holly.

According to the paste, the Petraeuses own a $1 million property at the Washington Golf and Country Club, a home in Arlington valued at $500,000 and a property in Fort Campbell, Kentucky worth $100,000. The New York Times confirms that General Petreaus owns a home in Arlington, but from the photo it’s difficult to tell if it’s the same one revealed in the paste.

An employee of the Washington Golf and Country Club told Betabeat that members are considered part owners of the club, but that their memberships do not possess monetary value. Additionally, it’s not possible to buy a portion of the property at the club, so it’s unclear what exactly the $1M property refers to.

Unable to confirm the dox, we remain skeptical. It’s also worth nothing that either Zillow’s estimates are off or Doxtor Dox’s are: Zillow states that the 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Arlington is actually worth over $974,000. Here’s a photo of the house, according to Google Street View:

(Photo: Google)

We also called the phone number listed as General Petraeus’s personal phone number in the paste. It had been disconnected. It’s unclear whether the phone number was disconnected due to a plethora of prank calls unleashed by the dox, or if it had been disconnected prior to this.

“to all da h8rz who say i cknt dox 4 shit. wutchu think now?” tweeted Doxtor Dox yesterday, along with a link to his Pastebin account showing numerous doxes.

As The Daily Dot notes, if these are indeed the addresses of General Petraeus, he may suddenly end up with a lot of pizzas on his hands. Anonymous Doxes General Petraeus, Claims to Reveal Personal Address and Phone Number