Arianna Huffington Welcomes Baby Namesake

Arianna Huffington. (Photo via Twitter).

Is there anything more flattering than finding out on Twitter that someone has named their newborn daughter after you?

Ivan Kahn, the founder of a tutoring company based in Jackson Heights, tweeted at Ms. Huffington to tell the Huff Po proprietress that she had inspired the name choice for his baby  daughter.
@ariannahuff my wife and I just had a baby last night & named her Arianna! Thank u for bringing this beautiful name to our attn. Lets go HP!,” Mr. Kahn tweeted.
Based on the tweet, the Kahns sound like they are fans of the website. And what better way to get Ms. Huffington’s attention than to name your child Arianna. Her website, after all, is called Huffington Post. So it stands to reason that Ms. Huffington responds well to her own name.

And respond she did.

@Ivez congrats!! Welcome to the world little Arianna,” replied Ms. Huffington.

We wish baby Arianna Kahn a lifetime of Twitter retweets and replies.

Arianna Huffington Welcomes Baby Namesake