Big Apple Idolatry: TLC’s Extreme Cougar Wives is…a Thing That is Real (Video)

Extreme Cougars (TLC)

Extreme Cougar Wives? Sure. We mean, obviously, this is a show that should be on TLC (The Learning Channel) right next to Here Comes Honey Boo Boo and Abby and Brittany in this year’s upfronts.
At this point, TLC is just basally fetish pornography without the sex…yet.

-Marc Jacobs might not be able to move back into his super swanky apartment in a condo on West 12th St. because of flooding. Will someone please think of the misplaced designers and open your wallets so he can buy a new place on a co-op board?

– Yes. Terry Richardson, Lindsay Lohan, and James Franco made an R.E.M. music video. What, did you think that his casting notice for a “Lindsay Lohan” and “James Franco” “type” was just for funsies? These two definitely have bigger, more awful plans up their sleeves.

– In honor of the possibly box office-breaking trajectory of Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part II, here is the history of all things Twihard.

– In sad news, Lucille Bliss, the voice of Smurfette from the original series has died at age 96.

Big Apple Idolatry: TLC’s <em>Extreme Cougar Wives</em> is…a Thing That is Real (Video)