Bills signed: License suspension for improper medical waste disposal, more

TRENTON – The governor passed several bills and conditionally vetoed one involving a municipal court conditional dismissal program today.

Among those he signed were ones involving removing license requirements for bingo, allowing license suspension for improper medical waste disposal, and ban chargin workers compensation claimants for medical expenses.


A733/S81 (Eustace, Schepisi, Benson/Bateman, Stack) – Prohibits health care facilities from discharging prescription medications into sewer or septic systems in certain circumstances.

A1351/S2023 (Rible, Wagner, Coutinho/Van Drew, Stack) – Removes licensing requirement for recreational bingo games.

A1522/S2200 (Burzichelli, Riley, Quijano, Caputo/Lesniak, Codey) – Requires BPU, under certain circumstances, to issue a decision within 180 days after receipt of petition by public utilities to sell certain real property.

A1888/S2190 (Milam, Albano, Greenwald/Gill, Sarlo) – Allows license suspension or revocation of certain health care professionals and medical waste facilities, generators, and transporters for willful illegal or improper medical waste disposal.

A2029/S2007 (Russo, Rumana, Tucker, Rible/O’Toole, Pou) – Designates the “Honor and Remember Flag” as an official State flag.

A2652/SCS for S1926, 2022 (Eustace, Singleton, Egan, Benson, Coughlin/Greenstein, Madden) – Bans charging workers’ compensation claimants for medical expenses, gives Division of Workers’ Compensation sole jurisdiction over work-related medical claims.

AJR26/SJR54 (Chivukula, Benson, Wagner, Eustace/Gordon, O’Toole) – Designates May each year as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.


A3096/S2169 (Gusciora, Bramnick, Fuentes, Conaway, Lampitt/Turner, Scutari) – CONDITIONAL – Establishes conditional dismissal program in municipal court; alters eligibility requirements and increases fees for existing conditional discharge and supervisory treatment programs Bills signed: License suspension for improper medical waste disposal, more