Booting Up: Give Them What They Want Edition

The Concorde: loud but fast. (Wikipedia)

President Barack Obama blew Mitt Romney away when it came to raising money from employees of America’s top technology companies, according to Nate Silver. Maybe that had something to do with the president’s ability recruit talent to build his campaign’s much-ballyhooed IT infrastructure. [NYT]

Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian just wanted to make the world suck less. [Venture Beat]

Private equity billionaire Robert M. Bass wants a supersonic jet, without the sonic boom. [Bloomberg]

Everyone, presumably, wants to read their urine samples with a smartphone. [AllThingsD]

Cyber Monday sales were as much as 30 percent better than last year’s for some of the largest retailers, which is good, but not as good as the 33 percent growth in 2011 from the year before. [WSJ]

“Father of the iPod” Tony Fardell didn’t exactly shed a tear over Apple’s Maps fiasco. [BBC]

Planned cities are beautiful … from above. [Wired] Booting Up: Give Them What They Want Edition