Booting Up: What Is Art? Edition

NES_Tetris_Box_FrontAnd it seemed like British politicians had let the internet off the hook in crafting proposed regulations to reign in the unruly U.K. press. Not so fast. Policy directors from Google and Facebook have been summoned to appear before Parliament next week. [Tech Crunch]

Twice yearly, Google releases data on government requests to remove content from the internet. Can we see that on an interactive map? [Slate]

Share buttons notwithstanding, people still like to cut and paste. [AdWeek]

The Museum of Modern Art added 14 video games—including Tetris, Mist and Dwarf Fortress—to its collection. Hear that, Mom? Video games do so have cultural relevance. [NYT]

Groupon founder and CEO Andrew Mason gets to keep his job—for now. [WSJ]

The United Nations makes an embarrassing Twitter typo. [Business Insider] Booting Up: What Is Art? Edition