Charlize Theron Takes on Violent Role in Lady Vengeance

After an unlikely return to stardom in the past two years (preceded by a few years of not working much), Charlize Theron’s found her next sinister role. The actress, who played characters of varying degrees of evil in Young AdultPrometheus and Snow White and the Huntsman, is to play the lead in an English-language remake of the Korean film Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Ms. Theron is to play the role of a former inmate seeking revenge for her wrongful imprisonment (very Revenge, or Double Jeopardy–but, somehow, artier!). The director, Park Chan-wook, is to release his own first English-language movie early next year—Stoker, starring Nicole Kidman as, yes, a villain. We know how we like to see our edging-on-older prestigious actresses!

Charlize Theron Takes on Violent Role in <em>Lady Vengeance</em>