Chris Dixon Joins Andreessen Horowitz, Packs Up for the West Coast

But he still hearts NYC.

Fare thee well, Mr. Dixon!

The news broke this weekend, but it’s now official: New York tech mainstay Chis Dixon is joining Andreessen Horowitz as a general partner. And–in a loss for the local tech scene–he’ll be picking up stakes for Menlo Park.

But they don’t even have converted factory spaces for their coworking spaces!

Just this May, the firm poached Foursquare’s Tristan Walker to be an entrepreneur in residence.*

Mr. Dixon confirmed the move on his blog:

Spending time there, I had the same feeling I have whenever I meet a great startup: “This is obviously the future, why didn’t someone do it before?”

So I’m super excited to say that I’m joining a16z as their seventh General Partner. I’ll specialize in consumer internet investments but will be open to anything ambitious that involves technology. I’ll be based in California, but plan to do a lot of investing in NYC.

So it’s goodbye for now, but not forever. That’s not keeping his fellow NYC techies from giving him a bittersweet send-off, though:

And he’s already getting big ups from his new neighbors:

*An earlier version of this post incorrectly misstated that Mr. Walker had been based primarily in New York. Betabeat regrets the error. 

Chris Dixon Joins Andreessen Horowitz, Packs Up for the West Coast