Chris Hayes Takes Another Shot at Cuomo

(Photo: MSNBC)

MSNBC host Chris Hayes isn’t done with Governor Andrew Cuomo, at least not yet. Mr. Hayes, who blasted “New York’s supposedly Democratic governor” last week for failing to support Democratic control of the New York State Senate, revisited the topic again yesterday to argue Mr. Cuomo is knowingly undermining his stated ideological interests.

“Well, I agree!” Mr. Hayes said after playing a clip of the governor dismissing his criticism, calling for a policy-oriented discussion instead of a partisan one. “If the governor wishes to see more substantive rhetoric on the issues, he’s welcome to come on Up anytime. Because I do not care about a senate Democratic majority because I care about the New York State Democratic Party, which has been an absolutely dysfunctional mess as long as I can remember. I care because I care about a higher minimum wage, public [campaign] financing and marijuana decriminalization, all extremely important pieces of legislation that have essentially no chances of passing if Republicans control the senate, but do have a shot if Democrats control it. My point is that I’m sure a political mind as sharp as the governor’s recognizes that as well.”

Control of New Yorker’s upper legislative chamber is currently up in the air, possibly depending on the outcome of a tightly-contested race in the Albany area. However, even with a numerical majority, Democratic defections could keep control in Republican hands. Mr. Cuomo, who is considered a possible presidential candidate in 2016, has not expressed a partisan preference in the outcome, much to the frustration of Mr. Hayes and others. “It is an impending disaster which may end up being a real missed opportunity to create positive change,” Mr. Hayes said.

Watch below:

Chris Hayes Takes Another Shot at Cuomo