Christie, Cuomo: United front to win storm recovery funding

TRENTON – The governors of New Jersey and New York said they would work together to obtain Hurricane Sandy relief funding.

Govs. Chris Christie and Andrew M. Cuomo today released a joint statement affirming their commitment.

“Our states took a devastating blow from Hurricane Sandy, and our respective cost estimates to restore and rebuild reflect the ferocity of Sandy and the impact to our transportation and utilities infrastructures, our economies, tourism industries and, most importantly, the lives, homes and livelihoods of our citizens. 

“Our economies and infrastructures are inextricably linked and, in many ways, dependent on one another, which is why we share common goals in the rebuilding effort.

“We will work with our respective Congressional delegations and the Obama Administration to ensure that our states receive federal support commensurate with the damage wrought by the storm and experienced by our residents. 

“Our requests also include necessary prevention and mitigation efforts as prudence dictates that we not suffer this great a human or financial loss again.

“It is our shared commitment to the people of our states to work in partnership so that our needs are met and we receive as much federal support as possible.”

Earlier today, Christie updated New Jersey’s damage estimate from Sandy  to $36.8 billion, tapped a PriceWaterhouseCoopers attorney to supervise rebuilding efforts, and reiterated that a bipartisan effort in Washington, D.C. is needed to ensure that the state receives appropriate federal aid.


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Christie, Cuomo: United front to win storm recovery funding