Christie says let the games go on

BRICK – With at least two sports events scheduled to take place in the region as scheduled, only days after Hurricane Sandy delivered its wrath, Gov. Chris Christie said he doesn’t have a problem with it.

About the Sunday New York Giants game taking place in East Rutherford, Christie said “it does not divert state resources to run the game. I think that’s a decision for the NFL to make.”

The games usually have several state troopers for security purposes.

When he was in Moonachie, Christie said some Giants fans approached him to tell him to not cancel the game.

“If they’re ready, they should go ahead,” he said.

Asked to comment about New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to continue holding the city marathon, which attracts New Jersey residents,  as scheduled, Christie said, “I got enough problems of my own.” His response elicited laughter from a supportive crowd gathered around the FEMA mobile unit.

“I’m not going to get into critiquing Mayor Bloomberg’s decision,” he said. “I don’t want to spend my time second-guessing Mayor Bloomberg.”

Christie says let the games go on