Christie: Storm rebuilding will take years

SEASIDE PARK – Gov. Chris Christie, in assessing the damage suffered by the Jersey shore from the superstorm, was blunt Friday.

“I have to tell you a harsh truth,” he said during a briefing into efforts at recovery. “Next summer is not going to be exactly like last summer.”

Although the state is lifting its evacuation order for Long Beach Island, Christie said that “The reality of the situation is that we’re going to have some real, real challenges ahead of us.

“We’re not going to rebuild the shore, the boardwalk and surrounding communities back to exactly the way they were last summer.

“That’s just the truth. This is going to be long, this is going to be expensive, this is going to be hard, and it’s going to be frustrating at times.”

He said that the state cannot rebuild from the damage overnight, but that this is an undertaking that will take months, if not years.

He said he will continue meeting with his Cabinet to work on ways to provide aid to businesses and residents. Christie: Storm rebuilding will take years