Donald Judd Once Painted a Pickup Truck

The artist. (Courtesy Wikipedia)

The New York Times‘ automotive section has an amusing story up now about a Putnam Vally, N.Y., man who owns a pickup truck that’s been painted by Donald Judd.

Evan Hughes bought the truck in 2000 from the artist’s son, Flavin, a friend of Mr. Hughes’s. It has a black hood to cut down on glare. And:

Judd didn’t stop there. He painted the tailgate and the bumpers black, which gave the truck its distinctive look.

The doors of the truck bear the symbol of one of Judd’s ranches in Marfa, which is known for its treeless — and flat — landscape.

“I don’t think it ever went up a hill before it got here,” said Mr. Hughes, referring to the very different terrain in the upstate area where he lives.

For interested parties, there is also a slide show.

Donald Judd Once Painted a Pickup Truck