Evening Read: ‘Dress Up Your Pup for a Good Cause!’

Assemblyman Joe Lentol is hosting a “dog masquerade” to raise resources for Sandy victims. Yes. (Photo: Facebook)

One of the reasons the Senate Democrats notched up their wins last Tuesday is the state teachers union’s independent expenditures in key districts, including some like Terry Gipson‘s under-the-radar campaign, where it spent $600,000. Indeed, the only reason most people noticed the race was a notable endorsement the Republican incumbent received.

Don’t expect Governor Andrew Cuomo to publicly jump into that chamber’s latest drama, at least for now. “It was just Democrats and Republicans and whoever had more was in control. Now it’s more of a coalition, because there are three groups instead of just two,” Mr. Cuomo told reporters today. “And they come to an arrangement among themselves and whoever gets two out of three winds up winning. Right? So, that’s what they will be going through over the next couple months while they are also deciding.”

“Just from an outsider’s perspective, this is an opportunity to impose a kind of discipline and order on your conference,” Former Cuomo aide Steve Cohen said of the situation. “If they don’t want to do that, then I have a hunch that whatever the numbers are, the Republicans are going to be in control. If they can do that, there are going to have to be structural changes. They’re going to have to impose a method to actually make decisions and govern.”

Councilman David Greenfield, who was the only pol to call for the gas rationing as far as we could tell, blasted out a statement thanking Mayor Michael Bloomberg for the new restrictions. “While this decision to institute gas rationing in New York City should have come days ago, it is a relief that the mayor is finally taking much needed action on this issue,” he said.

Here’s the mayor helping the Board of Elections find his last name in the voter enrollment book. B-L-O-O-M…

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Evening Read: ‘Dress Up Your Pup for a Good Cause!’