Evening Read: 'End of Conversation'

Councilman Peter Vallone’s consumes Randall’s Island under the new plan, which has some locals unhappy.

Governor Andrew Cuomo can’t catch a break, and the liberal criticism of him over the State Senate situation continued today.

On a related note, here’s our Headline of the Day: “When will Andrew Cuomo’s abandonment of the Senate Democrats get awkward? “

Crain’s Insider explored additional dicing of Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito‘s district with regards to Randall’s Island. The commission claimed it was removed to make the seat more Latino, but as the Manhattan island is about 33% Latino and only has a few people total, its exclusion had an extremely marginal impact on the overall makeup of the overwhelmingly Hispanic district.

Ms. Mark-Viverito, very unhappy with her new lines, was directly critical of Council Speaker Christine Quinn on Inside City Hall last night. “It has to be done in a fair and just way, and not politically motivated. That is the concern here. Over 200 people testified at the public hearing; you have testimony that has been submitted. I don’t believe that any of that was taken into account in any serious fashion, once again to be able to accommodate a political interest,” she said. “This is in the Speaker of the City Council’s interest, who is running for mayor. Obviously she’s interested in getting as much support as she can garner for her interest and her goal. But it cannot be done at the expense of communities.”

Ms. Quinn, however, insisted she has nothing to do with the lines. Earlier today she argued she had no contact with the Districting Commission, “Period. End of conversation.”

In other news, the Ms. Mark-Viverito, a leader of her chamber’s progressive caucus, is keynoting a fundraiser for Ede Fox, a candidate for outgoing Councilwoman Tish James seat.

And the game of musical chairs to decide the Democratic leader of the New York State Senate is endless. Maybe Minority Leader John Sampson will just keep his job.

Are Councilman Leroy Comrie and State Senator José Peralta the frontrunners for establishment support in their Queens borough president campaigns?

While Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer‘s family is set to keep growing. Evening Read: 'End of Conversation'