Evening Read: ‘I Don’t Know Any Lawyers. Can You Recommend One?’

More redistricting fun can still be had. (photo: urbanresearchmaps.org)

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer‘s people really don’t want to talk to you about that whole not-running-for-mayor thing.

Here’s a handy tool or two to check out the new City Council districts in greater detail. A quick glance at Brooklyn shows term-limited Councilman Lew Fidler‘s district becoming majority-black, a likely outcome of the borough’s newly-minted chairman, Frank Seddio, dropping out of that race. While neighboring term-limited Councilman Mike Nelson picked up some heavily Russian territory from Councilman Domenic Recchia‘s district. This is good for likely Russian-American candidates there on both sides of the partisan aisle, including outgoing Senator David Storobin.

Some Brooklynites, including elected officials, are disappointed the president didn’t visit their borough yesterday. “We are still waiting for him. In these areas, there are a lot of people who voted for him, and they are going to be missing him,” Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny opined.

Over in Queens, Congressman Joe Crowley is now in a one-on-one fight to climb up the ranks of House leadership.

Democrats picked up a closely contested seat in Long Island and Assemblyman-elect Ed Hennessey will be on his way to Albany. As Capital Tonight noted, “The conference’s size is the second largest of Silver’s long tenure, the most populated being 109 Democrats, plus one independent.”

Former Councilman Kendall Stewart, who lost to Jumaane Williamsin 2009, was recently hit with a $200,000 fine by the city’s campaign finance board for a wide range of violations during that campaign. Mr. Stewart pleaded ignorance, however, adding, “I don’t know any lawyers. Can you recommend one?”


Evening Read: ‘I Don’t Know Any Lawyers. Can You Recommend One?’