Four Years of Goop

In which Ms. Paltrow demonstrates that you don’t have to only buy designer.(Photo credit: goop.)

Time sure does fly when you are taking lifestyle advice from Gwyneth Paltrow. Today, Ms. Paltrow sent out her 200th issue of goop, her  weekly newsletter to “share all of life’s positives.” That’s four whole years of  living la vida Four Years of Goop Gwyneth.

How does Ms. Paltrow advise her fans celebrate such a milestone? With a holiday feast, of course. Ms. Paltrow suggests with a celebratory meal of smoked trout on rye hors d’oeuvres, roast pumpkin soup in the pumpkin (“as delicious as it is adorable”), grilled radicchio wedge, salt baked sea bass,  crispy lemon potatoes, turkey osso bucco and Parmesan polenta. Recipes with helpful tips (macerel can be substituted for trout in a pinch) are provided. As are pairings from Cameron Hughes wines, samplers of which can be purchased through a goop link.

Ms. Paltrow is really into the wine because it is beautiful affordable and accessible. Also, she has a collaboration deal with them. How very practical of her!

But why did Ms. Paltrow decided to share all of her life secrets, week in and week out? She just wants to help people.

“From creating a delicious recipe to finding a perfect dress for spring, Gwyneth began curating the best of lifestyle to help her readers save time, simplify and feel inspired,” explains the website. “Determined to publish a genuine and resourceful issue each week, for many, goop has become their most trusted girlfriend on the web.”

Happy anniversary, girlfriend! Let’s all raise our glasses of Gwyneth-recommended wine to another four years of inspirational (and aspirational) living. Four Years of Goop