Go Ahead, Call Mark Pincus a Copycat

He motherfucking dares you

(Photo: Flickr/Joi)

At the Innovation Uncensored conference in San Francisco today, Zynga CEO Marc Pincus offered interviewer Bob Safian a unique take on “innovation,” as defined by the controversial company. Unlike the startup buzzword, or even the dusty old Oxford English Dictionary, Mr. Pincus takes a more liberal approach to the term:

“For us, innovation is about making games more accessible, more social, more fun and more free—giving you more value for your time and money. We don’t define innovation by whether or not our Words With Friends game looks different enough from Scrabble. We think it’s an innovative game because it’s connected tens of millions of people together.”

Sounds more like copying than creation to us, but we’ll leave it to EA Games’ lawyers to discuss the peculiar similarities between The Ville and Sims Social. In the meantime, perhaps Mr. Pincus would like to buy our new mobile game Words With Fiends? It’s super innovative, if we do say so ourselves. Go Ahead, Call Mark Pincus a Copycat