Guy Attaches Helium Balloons to House, Soars Into Sky Like Up Character

A hero for the ages.

(Photo: Laurentiu Garofeanu/Barcroft, DailyMail)

The whimsical scene from the 2009 movie Up has been burned into the imaginations of Pixar fans everywhere: an elderly man attaches hundreds of balloons to his house and takes to the sky, soaring above the city. Most people figured it to be an impossible feat, but not 38-year-old Jonathan Trappe. A balloon enthusiast, dude actually boarded a house with 365 helium balloons attached to it and ascended into the sky at the Leon International Balloon Festival in Mexico.

According to the Daily Mail, the fearless Mr. Trappe was simply using this spectacle as practice for a $170,000 transatlantic balloon flight he’s planning to embark on next year:

He aims to complete the 2,500 mile journey across the pond in a seven foot lifeboat carried by 365 huge helium balloons.

The adventurer, who holds records for crossing the Alps, flying the most cluster balloons, and the longest distance, has spent his entire career building up to the momentous expedition.

We’ll give you a moment now to come to terms with the fact that nothing you do will ever compare to the majesty of Mr. Trappe’s adventures.

In the meantime, Movoto real estate company has come up with a calculator to calculate how many balloons it would take to  lift your house. Beware: it’s tough to guess. We were off by over 20,000 balloons.

Guy Attaches Helium Balloons to House, Soars Into Sky Like Up Character