In Spite of Hurricane Sandy Struggles, Stuy Town Will Still Get Its Despised Ice Rink This Winter

A popular amenity. (Marianne O’Leary/Flickr)

Hurricane Sandy turned Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village into hell in Manhattan for almost a week after the power went out. Sure, much of downtown was a disaster zone, to say nothing of the devastation in the outer boroughs, but Stuy Town had some particular, peculiar problems. Most notably, all the hallways are interior, with no windows, so it was impossible to get around. What’s worse, the locks on all the doors are electronic, so anyone could have been lurking in the darkness.

Fortunately, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village have returned to a sense of normalcy now that the power is back, as the management has been detailing in a serious of lengthy email updates to residents. Unfortunately, one of the things tenants might have hoped Superstorm Sandy would have washed away is still coming: the ice rink.

Rinks have become all the rage in recent years, not only in Central Park and Rockefeller Center, but everywhere from the Standard Hotel and W Downtown to McCarren Pool in Williamsburg. Stuy Town was no exception, and last year the management installed a rink, too. They saw it as an amenity for tenants, but naturally those persnickety residents, many of whom have been in full-on revolt ever since the complex was sold to Tishman Speyer, hated it.

There were the crowds, the noise and fumes from the generators and the loudspeakers blaring music at all hours. It was anything but a winter wonderland.

Well, now, just as the lights and locks are back, so, too, is the ice rink, as a note near the bottom of the latest resident update explains.

PCVST Ice Rink: PCVST’s seasonal ice rink, operated by Ice Rink Events, will open this Saturday, November 17th at 11am. Residents are invited to enjoy free admission all day this Saturday. For operating hours, lessons, and other details, please visit For additional information, please contact  The completion of the ice rink was accomplished using separate outside contractors and did not impact any of our on-going restoration efforts.

So please, don’t complain that those outside contractors could have been put to better use putting the complex back together. The rink is an important part of the complex, and it is here to stay, so it needs just as much resources as the boilers and the grounds.

Update:As a number of commenters have pointed out, the utilities are indeed spotty for some residence, meaning those outside contractors might well have been put to better use than building an ice skating rink. That is one frigid move, Stuy Town.

In Spite of Hurricane Sandy Struggles, Stuy Town Will Still Get Its Despised Ice Rink This Winter