Itemized: N.J.’s $36.8 billion in storm damage

TRENTON – The state provided a breakdown today of what Gov. Chris Christie called “New Jersey’s Katrina”: super storm Sandy.

The estimated $36.9 billion that New Jersey has suffered from the hurricane includes $29.4 billion previously announced in repair, response and restoration costs as well as $7.4 billion announced today in mitigation and prevention.

“I’ve called this experience New Jersey’s Katrina because the damage to our state is nothing that we’ve experienced ever before,” Christie said.

Earlier today, he appointed a PricewaterhouseCoopers attorney to oversee rebuilding in the state from the storm.

The state broke down estimated cost categories as follows:

*$529 million for government response and repairs;

*$702 million for individual assistance;

*$4.92 billion for housing;

*$8.31 billion for business;

*$291 million for health;

*$760 million for labor;

*$2.6 million for schools;

*$1.35 billion for transit, roads and bridges;

*$5.52 billion for parks and environment;

*$3 billion for water, waste and sewer;

*$95 million for government operating revenue;

*$737 million for other local government revenue;

*$125 million for other local education;

*$312 million for Atlantic City and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority;

*$1 billion for Port Authority;

*$1.79 billion for utilities.

These revised figures form the basis of New Jersey’s request for assistance from the federal government, the administration said. 

Earlier today, Christie had said that 233,000 people had registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency for assistance, over 30,000 homes and businesses were destroyed or experienced structural damage, and 42,000 homes were impacted in some other way.

This assessment will help guide the way as we work to continue making steady progress for the people of our state,” Christie said in releasing the assessments this afternoon. Itemized: N.J.’s $36.8 billion in storm damage