John McAfee Would Like Anonymous to Wait Until ‘I Accidentally Hang Myself’ to Attack Belize

Also know: he digs your style.

It’s been a heady month for antivirus pioneer/shotgun enthusiast John Mcafee. First, his neighbor was murdered; then, the he was on the run from the Belizean police; finally, he became a media sensation, captivating reporters with tales of clever disguises and the terrors of Central American prisons.

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Well, just because the major networks have taken their microphones away doesn’t mean Mr. McAfee has stopped talking. He continues to blog up a storm at the blog/graphic novel marketing site, and just yesterday he did Infowars and Joe Rogan.

So what’s on Mr. McAfee’s mind? Bath salts, for one thing. For another, Mr. McAfee reported earlier today that the official website of the Belize government was down, and surmised that the a) its servers had been overwhelmed by millions of emails from humanitarians inspired by Mr. McAfee to seek government reform b) the government had shuttered the site to prevent employees from learning of Mr. McAfee’s campaign or c) that the website had been the target of a cyber attack.

(It bears noting that the website was working fine when we visited, though the contact page at was indeed inoperative, as Mr. McAfee promised.)

Well, accepting for the moment that the site really was down, Mr. McAfee has an idea just who might be responsible for it:

I know that members of the hacktivist group Anonymous have been posting here.  I recognize your writing styles.  You are welcome here.  You are a powerful collective, more powerful than most realize, and I sympathise with your spirit.  However, if you are responsible, then this is not the time.  I need the Government to be able to read the displeasure of the world.  Deaf ears can hear nothing.   You would better serve the cause against censorship by writing emails voicing your displeasure for the time being.  If I am arrested, or am killed in a “robbery attempt” or accidently hang myself in jail, then please have at it.  Do your worst.  For now, bear with me.  If you are not responsible, I apologize for my presumptiveness.

John McAfee Would Like Anonymous to Wait Until ‘I Accidentally Hang Myself’ to Attack Belize