John McAfee Would Rather Not Compete with Drug Gangs/Choke On His Own Vomit in Belize Jail

Also, he'd like us all to Google a couple of things.


John McAfee has been pretty chatty for a guy who’s running from the law. The anti-virus software pioneer has been on the lam since the weekend, when he was sought for questioning following the murder of his neighbor Gregory Faull. But running from the Belize police hasn’t stopped Mr. McAfee from talking with the press.There was the telephone call to Wired reporter Joshua Davis, in which Mr. McAfee claimed that he evaded police by burying his head in the sand with a cardboard box over his head; his chat with the editor of the local San Pedro Sun; a televised phone call with ABC News’ Matt Guttman; and our favorite, a message board post seeking advice on how to avoid cellphone triangulation.

Now there’s an interview with CNBC’s Street Signs, in which Mr. McAfee makes a couple of pretty sane points for a supposedly paranoid man.

On reports that he was manufacturing methamphetamine out of his Belize compound:

I would not have the vaguest idea how to make meth or sell meth, especially in a part of the world where I would have to compete with the Mexican Zeta gangs, and it’s not the type of business i would choose, sir.

And on his willingness to “go all the way” to avoid the fate of those who go into Belizean jails:

They just simply disappear. They choke on their own vomit, or hang themselves, or are beaten to death by fellow prisoners. If you found any research on Belize and the legal and police system you would have discovered this fact yourself.

Logic, on both counts, that we can wrap our heads around. Mr. McAfee’s answer when asked by CNBC’s Robert Frank to explain his recent media blitz, on the other hand, fairly boggles the mind:

Well, I think that the world has largely ignored Belize and the political situation and the plight of its people, because it’s one of the smallest countries and, in terms of the world economy, one of the least significant. I would ask anybody who truly is interested in my plight to google a couple of things. Google the take over of the Belize telecommunications company, it was owned by Lord Ashcroft. The Supreme Court ruled that the take over was illegal and ordered the government to return it. On the day it was supposed to have been returned the government sent in its soldiers to prevent Lord Ashcroft and the rightful owners from reclaiming it. This is the type of government we live in. Number two, please Google the abuses of the gang suppression unit, I think if you do that, you will the position I am in and you will understand my reluctance to turn myself in.

(We Googled. We understand less than we did before.)

John McAfee Would Rather Not Compete with Drug Gangs/Choke On His Own Vomit in Belize Jail