Jon Stewart: ‘Mayor Bloomberg Kicked Ass at His Job’


The Daily Show has been off-air since the start of Hurricane Sandy, but the show came roaring back to life last night and managed to give props to Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Governor Chris Christie, all in his new segment, “A Daily Show Tribute to Institutional Competence.”

But Jon Stewart could still get some traditional comedic digs in, pulling out a big soda cup, for example, before discussing Mr. Bloomberg and quipping, “I think we all agree, if these cups were still legal, maybe the city wouldn’t have flooded at all.”

“But that’s not the point, the point is Mayor Bloomberg kicked ass at his job, and he did it in two languages,” Mr. Stewart continued, showing Mr. Bloomberg speaking Spanish at one of his disaster press briefings. “Alright, that might sound like what happens when you walk in on your Rabbi practicing with his Rosetta Stone.”

Mr. Stewart even addressed the city’s now-famous sign language interpreter, which you can view along with everything else, here or below:

Jon Stewart: ‘Mayor Bloomberg Kicked Ass at His Job’