Microsoft Asks ‘Are You Being Scroogled?’ in Hilariously Melodramatic Anti-Google Campaign

Reaaaal mature, Ballmer.

Grrr! (Screencap: Scroogled)

bing still trails far behind Google (GOOGL) in search engine rankings, and Microsoft is just not having any of it. After launching Bing It On, a test that attempted to show that Bing occasionally surfaces better search results than Google, Microsoft has introduced its newest attack on the GOOG: an anti-Google Shopping site called Scroogled. Get it? Like Screw + Google?

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The first thing you will notice when you navigate to Scroogled is an angry-looking mom character with a flippy bob making a face like she has to poop. “Grr,” she seems to be saying, “Why is Google keeping me from pooping?” Scroll down a little further, and you will see a man who would not be out of place at a magician’s convention gesturing to the solution to the mom person’s poop problems: Bing!

The real reason for this smear campaign (heh) is actually rather convincing: Google recently changed its Google Shopping rules so that it now only surfaces products by merchants who have paid for placement on Google Shopping. Bing, Microsoft argues, shows you all results and not just those preferenced because they paid ad dollars. “We say that when you limit choices and rank them by payment, consumers get Scroogled,” reads the site. “For an honest search result, try Bing.”

Though as one Twitter user points out, Bing also gives preferential treatment on its shopping search to paid advertisers, as evidenced by the company’s announcement following its partnership with Awkward.

Microsoft has also asked those who have been “duped by bad search results” to share their stories on its Facebook page. And oh, have they. “Scroogled? I tried a search for microsoft surface on the Bing shoppings site and one in Google shopping,” wrote one user. “The result? All of Bing’s results are worthless, none of them is the actual Surface tablet. Google has relevant results and that is what matters.”

Added another, “Desperation is getting higher then?”

Microsoft Asks ‘Are You Being Scroogled?’ in Hilariously Melodramatic Anti-Google Campaign