Morning Read: ‘If Only Kids Didn’t Need to Read or Eat’

Mitt Romney drinks milk to forget the election. (Photo: SNL/

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Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano traveled to Staten Island yesterday to meet with officials and observe the recovery efforts. “Across New York and all the impacted states, one of our top priorities continues to be providing access to shelter for residents whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed by the storm,” Ms. Napolitano said in a White House pres release. “Together, we have made progress, but we know the road ahead will be long and recovery will take time. Our commitment is to be here for the duration – to work with impacted communities throughout the region and ensure they emerge even stronger.”

In a sign the Senate Republicans may be in serious trouble, even the Daily News is mocking their inability to hold onto the majority and almost made the case for Democratic control. One interesting leadership possibility for Democrats is State Senator Adriano Epsaillat, whom Jeff Klein, the leader of the breakaway Democratic conference, once cited as someone he could support. Other names bandied about include Senators Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Ruth Hassell-Thompson and Liz Krueger.

On the other hand, maybe the Democratic coalition will just fall apart again:

Sources said state Sen. Malcolm Smith of Queens, who served as the Democratic Senate majority leader in 2009 until he was ousted and then replaced during a bitter “coup’’ mounted by Republicans and two renegade Democrats, was “open’’ to helping the GOP keep control of the Senate.

As television watchers in New York City are fully aware, Connecticut had a few competitive political races last week too. Democrats won all of them. The state GOP is now reflecting why even an unmistakably moderate candidate, pro-choice Senator Andrew Roraback, couldn’t win a suburban seat in western Connecticut.

Cutting funds for school libraries and school lunches might not make the best optics for Mayor Michael Bloomberg. To wit, Councilman Brad Lander tweeted, “If only kids didn’t need to read or eat.”

And Saturday Night Live took one last crack at Mitt Romney:

Morning Read: ‘If Only Kids Didn’t Need to Read or Eat’