Morning Read: ‘Man Plans, God Laughs’

A fun piece of direct mail from Assemblyman Mike Cusick Click here for the back side.

Tuesday, less than 24 hours away, will serve as an interesting test for the Board of Elections. “We really are depending on the good government groups, we’re depending on the media, we’re depending on everyone who lives in the Zone A areas of the city to take the initiative and call their local Board of Elections and ask about their poll sites,” BOE Commissioner J.C. Polanco said to explain how voters will be made aware of their post-hurricane voting locations.

“I am asking that the Board of Elections immediately institute a plan to establish a volunteer shuttle service to ferry New Yorkers from evacuation centers and hard-hit areas of the city to their poll sites,” Councilman Jumaane Williams said in a press release last night. “I am also proposing that the Board open polling locations at evacuation centers to address this unique situation. If we in government believe in the basic tenets of democracy, then I believe we must all hold this as a top priority.”

The storm could prove decisive in a number of local races, especially between incumbent Senator Joe Addabbo and his GOP challenger Eric Ulrich. “Here’s a case where nature will determine politics,” consultant Hank Sheinkopf quipped. “Everything the politicians think they can do to influence an election doesn’t mean a thing when God intervenes. Man plans, God laughs.”

It isn’t just the Board of Elections that’s disorganized, however. The Daily Beast traveled to Staten Island and found a system of organizational chaos in the relief effort. “The real question is why OEM—which was built to manage the battle of the badges in a disaster, that’s why it exists—doesn’t have an evident lead role” a former official in Rudy Giuliani‘s administration argued.

On Sunday, Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm received the endorsement from his district’s notable local paper, the Staten Island Advance. The publication also endorsed President Barack Obama the same day.

Below is a full-page Hamodia ad from Democratic State Senate candidate Simcha Felder. Here’s another ad on the next page featuring him with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Mr. Felder’s campaign urges voters to back Mr. Romney on the Conservative line and stay there to vote for him on the same third-party ticket.

Morning Read: ‘Man Plans, God Laughs’