Morning Read: 'Sheldon Silver, He's Got to Be the Man?'

The Guardian wonders whether Governor Andrew Cuomo is too conservative to win a Democratic presidential primary in 2016.

Mr. Cuomo has teamed up with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy in an effort to land $83 billion in federal Sandy recovery aid.

The sewage treatment system in New York and New Jersey was damaged by the storm sending “a greenish-gray soup of partially treated human waste” into local waterways. 

You haven’t seen the last of hydrofracking. The Department of Environmental Conservation released a revised set of guidelines to allow the controversial natural gas drilling procedure in New York State.

Former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, whose state allowed fracking, said New York would be “crazy” not to lift the ban on the practice Governor David Paterson imposed in 2008.

You also may not have seen the last of Congresswoman Nan Hayworth after she lost her seat to Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney earlier this month. On Capital Tonight, Ms. Hayworth clearly didn’t rule out the possibility of a return to politics when directly asked. “I want to be useful. Whatever talents, whatever gifts, whatever passion I can bring to helping everybody in this country achieve the dreams that I’ve been privileged to achieve,” she said. “I want to help. I welcome opportunities wherever they may come.”

Tell us what you really think, Westchester Assemblyman Steve Katz. On the same program, the occasionally outspoken GOP lawmaker expressed his unhappiness with Speaker Sheldon Speaker‘s handling of the Vito Lopez situation. “It’s an enormous issue because you have someone at the head of our Assembly who has shown a lack of integrity, who has shown a lack of morality, who has essentially allowed the Assembly to be a hostile work environment for women. I find that unconscionable on every single level,” he argued. “That is enough to say to say, ‘When is enough?’ Is this man indispensable? We can’t live without Sheldon Silver, he’s got to be the man? I’m sorry but that I unacceptable.”

The two remaining races that will decide the makeup of the State Senate have come down to absentee ballots and a court case.

Gatemouth took issue with Lincoln Restler’s beefs about the proposed City Council lines.

It seems Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s request to redo her chamber’s lines will succeed. NY1 reported “a City Hall source says the commission will grant Quinn’s request.”

And, thanks to the Century for Urban Research, here’s the visualized change of Mr. Lopez’s official address being moved into the council district he is thinking of running for, which has inspired much of the mapmaking drama:

Morning Read: 'Sheldon Silver, He's Got to Be the Man?'