Morning Read: ‘The President Told the Dog’

President Obama in Staten Island. (Photo: Getty)

“There’s no question,” Congressman Michael Grimm said of whether Staten Islanders felt neglected after Sandy. “We feel like the forgotten borough time and time again. There’s little things that happen. Just little things like when you see the National Guard leaving before the storm to head into Manhattan….We feel like we fight for the basic necessities sometime and it is frustrating.”

President Barack Obama was the first sitting president to visit Staten Island in more than a decade. Overall, he was the 7th White House occupant to travel to the county since 1900.

The Staten Island Advance interviewed a number of residents after they met Mr. Obama, including a conversation he had with one local resident’s small dog. The dog, Maddy, “barked a bit and jumped on the president’s leg.”

In other news, one almost gets the impression that Jim Owles club’s Allen Roskoff doesn’t like Council Speaker Christine Quinn. Almost.

And Congressman-elect Chris Collins is just great:  “When I saw Nancy Pelosi come in and get her standing ovation, it was apparent I was in the wrong room….I just excused myself and found my way to the right meeting. They seemed to want to make a big deal of it. As my chief of staff said, we are going to work in a bipartisan way. It was a good opportunity for me to introduce myself to all the Democrats.”

Watch Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mr. Obama speak yesterday:
[youtube] Morning Read: ‘The President Told the Dog’