New Yorkers Dig Chris Christie’s Storm Response

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Is it the wet fleece? It’s not immediately clear, but according to a new Quinnipiac University Polling Institute survey, New York City voters gave the highest storm response-marks to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, preferring his tactics over President Barack Obama, Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Quinnipiac’s director, Maurice Carroll, said these numbers can be attributed to Mr. Christie’s full embrace of Mr. Obama in the wake of the storm.

“The storm-of-the-century brings out the best in Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Yorkers say. But that love fest between New Jersey Gov. Christopher Christie and President Barack Obama seems to have moved voters especially,” Mr. Carroll explained in a statement. “While all four leaders get very high marks – it seems a hug or two never hurts.”

A total of 89 percent of New Yorkers voters said Mr. Christie’s response was “excellent” or “good,” with, 85 percent doing the same for Mr. Cuomo, 84 percent for Mr. Obama and 75 percent for Mr. Bloomberg. Placed side-by-side and asked to choose who was the best, Mr. Christie still came out on top with a 36 percent plurality.

Even though Mr. Bloomberg trails the leader pack in terms of ratings, Quinnipiac found his overall approval score to be the highest it’s been in two years, 56 percent, undoubtedly helped by his management of the crisis. A huge 85 percent majority supported his decision to ration gasoline, for example.

But the biggest winner of all may be Mr. Bloomberg’s now-famous sign language interpreter, Lydia Callis, who has an approve-disapprove ratio most politicians would drool over, 53 – 2 percent.

“Is it what she says, or the way she says it? Whatever, mayoral signer Lydia Callis is almost as popular as her boss,” Mr. Carroll said.

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New Yorkers Dig Chris Christie’s Storm Response