One57 Crane Is Secure, West 57th Street Block Reopens a Day Early

Boom! (Getty)

Well, the recovery continues faster than expected in New York. We’ve got subways almost miraculously coming back to life after flooding throughout the system, and now the securing of the crane boom dangling over West 57th Street has been completed a day ahead of schedule, wrapping up tonight rather than Monday night as the mayor had previously predicted.

It will still be weeks before the crane—whose boom was almost torn asunder during last week’s hurricane—can be removed and construction can resume on the billionaire-beloved One57 tower. Buildings Commissioner Robert LiMandri’s full statement on the operation is below.

The operation to secure the boom of the tower crane at 157 West 57th Street in Manhattan is complete.

All streets in the immediate area are in the process of being opened, excluding two lanes on the north side of West 57th Street between 6th and 7th avenues.

Evacuated residents can reoccupy buildings in the area, but utilities in some buildings may have to be restored.

I would like to commend our engineers and inspectors who have worked tirelessly with the project’s contractors to inspect the tower crane and approve a plan to secure the boom – so New Yorkers can safely return to their homes and offices.

One57 Crane Is Secure, West 57th Street Block Reopens a Day Early