Passing Gas: As Filling Stations Run Out, Cars Back Up

Brooklyn is out of gas, literally and figuratively. (Ian Lamb)

This reporter heard from a friend last night that they had seen a line for gas on Empire Boulevard, on the border of Brooklyn’s Crown Heights and Flatbush neighborhoods, that stretched for 10 blocks. Meanwhile, special corespondent Ian Lamb came upon this scene in Kensington:

This line for gas in Kensington went all the way down the block. More than 20 cars. There was a news truck from YNN in line, too. It was the one of only two stations I saw with gas in all of Kensington, Ditmas Park, Midwood, and Windsor Terrace. The line for the other one was so long that the police were there controlling traffic. More 10 stations with no gas.

I had to stop looking because I was already on empty. All these cars were shut off to conserve fuel while waiting. I want to help transport goods to the Rockaways tomorrow but I can’t, if I can’t find gas. I imagine they’ll get shipments overnight tonight, or in the morning, but it’s chaos right now.

We’re all hoping he makes it. Passing Gas: As Filling Stations Run Out, Cars Back Up