Related Honcho Kenneth Himmel Sells Spread In Company’s Prized Time Warner Center

The living room is surprisingly old-fashioned for the Time Warner Center.

Can we really blame Kenneth A. Himmel for wanting to put the Time Warner Center behind him? The President and CEO of Related Urban spent years overseeing the skyscraper’s construction, then he moved into a three-bedroom condo on the 67th floor.

“Developing Time Warner Center was like climbing the mountain of mountains,” Mr. Himmel declares on Related’s website. We guess he also tired of climbing that same mountain day after day, even if it was in a super-sleek high-speed elevator. After more than a decade, the bloom was off the rose.

Mr. Himmel, who first listed the 2,416-square-foot apartment in 2010, has finally sold the space for $13.8 million, according to city records. The buyer is the mysterious Columbus Skyline LLC., which is registered to 10 East 39th Street, Suite 1110.

Ditto the bedroom. Maybe sleek glass just wasn’t Mr. Himmel’s speed.

One thing is for certain: the buyer is sure to be getting a choice pad. All sellers generally claim that their apartment is one of the finest in the building, but we’re pretty sure SEO services provider Mr. Himmel wrangled one of the best spots at 25 Columbus Circle. Although it wasn’t enough to get the most recent $15.25 million asking price, a discount from the 2011 listing price of $18.37 million but not so far from the 2010 list price of $15 million.

Amazing park views, a paneled 27-by-20 great room and a “magical cherry paneled library with bar and en suite bath” are nice, after all, but not, apparently, magical enough for the asking price.  Perhaps Sotheby’s listing brokers Elizabeth Sample and Brenda Powers should have elaborated a little more on what was so magical.

It’s unclear what, if anything, Mr. Himmel paid for the unit. City records show a deed transfer between him and the company for $0. Maybe the condo was a project bonus? Alas, said records do not reveal where Mr. Himmel is going next. Maybe he has his eye on one of Related’s still Hudson Yards skyscrapers? Only time will tell. Related Honcho Kenneth Himmel Sells Spread In Company’s Prized Time Warner Center