Rice: Each student deserves own textbook

TRENTON – State Sen. Ronald Rice, (D-28), Newark, registered concern about a lack of textbooks for students in urban areas, and said he would introduce legislation requiring schools to purchase enough textbooks for each student.

“I’ve been raising this issue for a number of years, because I hear from irate parents who want to know why their children have not been issued textbooks,” Rice said in a release in which he added that an Office of Legislative Services review he requested concluded the law is vague on whether students must have individual textbooks.

Although some schools provide eBooks for students, Rice noted that such a practice is problematic, because students in poorer districts cannot always afford eBook readers. 

That is why he said he would be willing to consider introducing a bill to solve the problem.

In some cases, according to Rice, books are left in the classroom and shared by students in different periods.

“All students deserve to have the resources they need to succeed academically made available to them,” said Rice.

He said he wants the state Education Department to review its policies in this area. Rice: Each student deserves own textbook