Samsung Would Like Its Employees to Please Lay Off the Sauce

Tennis now recommended as an alternative to binge drinking.

Artist’s rendering of Samsung HQ. (Photo:

Here’s a little anecdote to throw in the face of any “brogrammer” who gets a little too self-congratulatory about his, like, totally hardcore partying, dude. Apparently, South Korean Samsung employees party so hard that the corporate overlords have had to step in.

The Next Web reports the company has launched an offensive against binge drinking. Samsung has also “banned employees from forcing others to drink, where employees would be told to take drinks down in ‘one shot’ or forced to drink as a punishment.”

Who knew Samsung HQ was so similar to a fraternity house during rush week? 

But like a bunch of college administrators wielding double-secret probation citations, the higher-ups are now encouraging employees to “organise more formal dinner parties or even meet on the tennis court” as opposed to burning through bottles of booze during staff dinners. Even though some of us would MUCH rather genuflect to the porcelain god than spend 10 minutes playing tennis.

The campaign against drinking isn’t the only attempt to stifle epidemic levels of cardiovascular disease:

Over the past year, the company removed ashtrays from its buildings, reportedly going as far as to threaten employees that if they didn’t quit they may find it harder to get promoted within the company.

Uh, there was still a place where it was legal to smoke inside? Samsung Would Like Its Employees to Please Lay Off the Sauce