Street Style Social Network Shutting Down

Pivot, ahoy.

Ms. Nguyen (Photo: We Are NY Tech)

New York-based street style social network announced in an email sent out to users today that it will be shutting down. The company’s owners would probably rather you think of it as a pivot, however: According to the announcement, they’re folding into a new ecommerce site called That’s Foxy, which will deliver “shop-able products that are inspired by what’s trending in the community.”

The email announcement explains that the transition from to That’s Foxy is due to the fact that many of’s users browsing street style looks wanted the option to be able to easily shop for the items showcased in the photos. A quick perusal of That’s Foxy shows street style-like photos with a specific accessory or article of clothing highlighted, which users can click to purchase. launched in private beta in November 2011 and was in the process of raising a $760,000 round back in February; according to its Form D, the company had raised $560,000 of that round. No updated Form Ds have since been filed.

The company’s CEO, Mimi Nguyen, is a fixture on the New York tech social scene. Last year, she helped organize the Raise Cache fashion show to help benefit Hack NY. Justin Bieber, who knows Ms. Nguyen through a nonprofit she cofounded called Pencils of Promise, was rumored to have agreed to invest in, though that was never confirmed. “If he ever wants to [invest], I wouldn’t be against that,” Ms. Nguyen told Mashable at the time.

Wonder if the Biebs will be willing to toss some cash at That’s Foxy?

Street Style Social Network Shutting Down