Tech Blogger Jon Mitchell Claims He Is @NextTechBlog [Updated]

Mr. Mitchell may also be Spartacus, for all we know.


ReadWrite‘s Jon Mitchell says he is @NextTechBlog, and he is “not stopping.”

@NextTechBlog is a funny Twitter parody of the most ridiculous aspects of tech blogging and it has been an understandable source of intrigue since it was created–just who the hell is behind all those dead-on tweets satirizing tech blogging’s sometimes endless cycle of hype and silliness, anyway?

Spencer Chen attempted to determine the author’s identity with some logical inferences based on thought process and tweeting style, but it turns out his guess, AllThingsD senior editor Mike Isaac, was probably wrong.

Not only will @NextTechBlog continue, Mr. Mitchell is doubling down:

In an exchange with a Twitter follower, Mr. Mitchell also admitted there were other contributors to the parody account, writing that he has “several fairly consistent DM contributors, including@CalebGarling.”

Here are some of @NextTechBlog’s greatest hits:

With just under 1,800 followers, @NextTechBlog is probably more fun for members of tech-related media than anyone else, but it’s so funny and on-point we’re glad to see Mr. Mitchell doesn’t plan on using his big reveal as a preamble to shutting it down.

After all, as one tweeter noted, sometimes “we are all @NextTechBlog.”

UPDATE: After @NextTechBlog tweaked our noses as only they could, we contacted Jon Mitchell to ask why he owned up to being @NextTechBlog now.

“I’ve been wanting to end the charade for a while, but I held out,” Mr. Mitchell said in an email, “I outed myself to Mat Honan a couple weeks ago, and we talked about whether I should do it. He advised me to hold out, and I did, but today I thought I saw the peak. When Spencer Chen had the balls to actually blog about knowing who it was, and he picked someone totally wrong, who has repeatedly and publicly denied his involvement, it started one of those terrible tech blogger Friday Twitter circle jerks. I was so tired of seeing everyone distracted by this. More importantly, I was pretty sure it had reached the height of absurdity. It was never going to get any better than that. So I talked it over with Mat, and he said he’d be honored to do it in grand style.”

“It felt great,” Mr. Mitchell continued, “I’m totally relieved. People think it’s going to cause me to be more self-conscious and stop being so brutal, but they obviously haven’t talked to me about this stuff. The garbage encouraged by the economics of this business makes me so angry.”

Here’s Mat Honan’s Reddit IAmA, in which he confirms @NextTechBlog’s true identity.

Tech Blogger Jon Mitchell Claims He Is @NextTechBlog [Updated]