The New New Tech Writing: Straight Up Penning Poems About Stuff

Is it time for a softer approach to tech?

How much do we love thee, Drew Houston? Let us count the ways. (Photo:

There’s the gadget liveblog, the multimedia-heavy feature and the bloggy, snarky take. But as we near the end of 2012, we may have reached the last possible evolutionary stage of tech writing: just fucking penning some poems about stuff.

Dealbook nailed the approach with shining limericks about business news; Googler Andrey Petrov, whose riling ode to Twitter aptly deemed the company “the Benjamin Button of Startups,” set the bar high for poetic programmers everywhere. Now, prolific TechCrunch scribe Josh Constine has taken the baton.

Mr. Constine was so inspired by a recent interview with Dropbox CEO Drew Houston (“a joy to talk to as a tech journalist”!) that he decided to express his overflowing emotions the best way the DJ Systromatic fan knew how: through lyrical rhyme. His moving ballad is called “~Dropbox~.”


So many devices, all in their shells

Meanwhile memories trapped in ourselves

Need something here that’s trapped over there

It’s enough to make anyone pull out their hair

A layer’s what we need, to stitch them together

So data can flock like birds of a feather

Free up our minds by quelling the fear

That all of our moments could just disappear

Next on the roadmap, Connect All The Things!

So from TVs to tablets our files can swing

There’s one hundred million that already heart it

But Drew says that Dropbox is just getting started.

-by Josh Constine, TechCrunch

Shall we bid adieu to press release journalism in favor of a more artistic approach? Betabeat is enticed by the idea, but Twitter isn’t so sure: “wtf is that?” wrote one user. “OMG, that’s embarrassing” tweeted another.

Perhaps a world so accustomed to disruption isn’t ready to be emotionally moved. The New New Tech Writing: Straight Up Penning Poems About Stuff