The Simpsons Mocks Karl Rove, Corporate Partner Fox News


The Simpsons, the venerable Fox network animated series, made light of Karl Rove’s election night antics–attempting to un-call a decisively won election for President Obama–with an animated “chalkboard joke” at the beginning of last night’s episode. It reads “I will not concede the election till Karl Rove gives me permission”–a lesson Megyn Kelly et al. seem to have literally taken to heart for a time last Tuesday.

The series has a long history of teasing Fox News and the News Corporation, particularly in the episode’s opening “chalkboard” sequence wherein Bart writes a moral on the board repeatedly–it’s easier to animate with a short turnaround than jokes in the episode. (Another easily animated sequence: the fake Fox News “crawl” that led Fox News to reportedly threaten suit against The Simpsons in 2003.) One more memorable, and expensive, exception: graffiti artist Banksy’s sequence for the show in 2010, depicting News Corp’s sweatshop labor in Asia as integral to the production of the complicated animated series.

<em>The Simpsons</em> Mocks Karl Rove, Corporate Partner Fox News