With Instagram’s New Profile Pages, We Bid Adieu to Webstagram

Saying goodbye is such sweet sorrow.

(Screencap: Webstagram)

Today, Instagram announced a new feature called profile pages, a web-friendly way to browse the photo-sharing app. With this news, one of Betabeat’s favorite websites is close to being rendered obsolete: Webstagram, the backdoor way to view Instagram profiles on the web.

Alas, poor Webstagram–we hardly knew ye. Sprung to plug a gap that even the Valencia filter couldn’t fill, you gave us the gift of viewing Instagram on a normal-sized screen. The crick in our necks from hovering over our iPhones soon subsided, the headaches borne of squinting melted away. Now, we could browse photos of Kim K.’s cat planning its imminent suicide from the comfort of our laptops; we could witness Lena Dunham’s haircut evolution without our thumbs getting tired.

Your search mechanism gave us new meaning, allowing us to collect gossipy photos of of tech all-stars burning through summer vacay dough like VC money is forever. And when we didn’t have cell service, or our data plan was acting janky because when is it ever not, we knew we could always head over to Webstagram to get our filter fix.

We could easily drag and drop photos onto our desktop without having to pull that bullshitty screencap maneuver. We could browse the “cat” tag during the commercials between House Hunters. We could like and comment on our friends’ photos without worrying about every terrifying autocorrect scenario in the book.

You made all of these things possible, but now with Instagram profile pages, your services may no longer be needed. As one commenter pointed out, Instagram profile pages still won’t have a search function, but we know your days are numbered.

Thank you.

And goodbye.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eegDtyrSUZw%5D

With Instagram’s New Profile Pages, We Bid Adieu to Webstagram