Worst of Craigslist: Want to Pour Drinks at a ‘Coyotee Ugly Type Bar’?

A last in a lifetime experience! (Touchstone Pictures)
Ladies, we know how hard it is to get work out there these days. All the secretary pools are overstocked, and now that the war is over, the men have taken back all the canning jobs at the factories. Sometimes it’s enough to make you want to start an all female baseball team, which a gruff Tom Hanks could manage and tell you when it is and is not an appropriate time to cry.

But, women, we implore you: No matter how desperate you are, don’t go taking every two-bit dancing/bartending job listed on Craigslist. No matter how enticing the advertisement may look,  it’s always a good rule of thumb that if someone can’t be bothered to Google the spelling of their favorite movie of all time, they will not be able to pay you in anything other than sweaty dollar bills stuffed into your thong.

*** Coyotee Ugly Type Brtnd No Exp Nec. (Great Tips)

Date: 2012-11-13, 8:36AM EST
Reply to: see below

The 21 Bar, a very popular Beach Bar located on Broadway & West 184 Street is looking to hire friendly bartenders with or without exp. to work in beach attire at Coyotee Ugly type bar.

Great tips every night

Immediate openings With or W/O Exp.

All types needed, slim, thick, light skin, dark skin Etc. This is a Real people place.

Improve your Bar-tending skills

Professional safe productive environment

One block from Trains and Buses

You must have open availability and be willing to start immediately. Please respond with your Info.

If you need any more discouragement from applying for this position, imagine the leer that might go on some guy’s mug as he tells you, “This is a Real people place.”

Or you could just read NYMag’s review of the 21 Bar:

This tiny Washington Heights dive is known for two things: a two-for-one nightly happy hour that goes for almost every drink, and bikini-clad girls gyrating atop the bar counter to Latin slow jams and reggaeton. Considering the scenario, the joint stays (relatively) classy: no nudity, no lap dances. Pay no mind to the lack of draft beer. Ignore the Taco Bell–style adobe walls, and the choking-victim posters. Take a seat and enjoy yourself, very few strings attached.

Worst of Craigslist: Want to Pour Drinks at a ‘Coyotee Ugly Type Bar’?