Yenta Just Really Really Wants You To Be Happy

You have no more excuses not to date within the tribe.

Jews that want to date.

Like any Jewish mother trying to marry off her precious son, Yenta, the Grindr for Jews, is now resorting to the final step–cash bribes. The app’s users were treated to a lovely email greeting yesterday from Yenta CEO Luba Tolkachyov, which said the company will now pay you to go on a date with another Jewish smart phone user.

Yenta will foot the bill of your romantic Jewish lovefest just as long as both of you are registered Yenta members and your food bill doesn’t exceed $100.. You also have to let Ms. Tolkachyov know about your rendezvous seven days in advance, so that the Yenta team can make the proper payment arrangements with your desired dining establishment.

And would any self respecting Jewish mother let you get off the hook scotch free?

All winners (there will only be five) must share the tale of their storied romance (think Books of Moses) with Yenta so that the company can spread the account across its blog, Facebook page, and other social media channels.

Basically: “What, are you too good to call your mother after your date and tell her how it went? Oh, no it’s fine. I wouldn’t want you tell all of my friends how good of a mother I am. I’m not trying to guilt you to do anything. Okay, yeah send me it as soon as you hang up. I love you.”

Yenta Just Really Really Wants You To Be Happy