Pro-Gaza Hackers Completely Dismantle Israeli Official’s Social Media

Will there really be a ceasefire online?


Israel and Hamas may have agreed to cease hostilities on “land sea and air” but that may not stop the cyberwar. On Wednesday the ZCompany Hacking Crew (ZHC) hacked apart the online life of Israel’s Vice Prime Minister, Silvan Shalom. ZHC took over Mr. Shalom’s Facebook, Twitter account, his blog–just about everything. ZHC tweeted that their control was almost total:

In a Pastebin post, ZHC attempted to clarify a few things about who they are, writing, “We are not part of Anonymous although we support OpIsrael.”

The crew also posted multiple screengrabs of what appear to be the vice p.m.’s Gmail account as well as his defaced social media pages.

Anonymous issued a statement Wednesday afternoon in which they indicated the agreement between Israel and Hamas had prompted them to “stand down immediately from all further cyber attacks upon the IDF or Israel so as not to risk this delicate and perilous cease fire arrangement.”

Anonymous stated that they also encouraged “all those cyber groups who have joined with us to also cease and desist now from aggressive acts, and give this cease-fire a chance.”

Hacktivists like ZHC may continue their activities in spite of Anonymous’s request. As they stated in their release of some of Vice Prime Minister Shalom’s data, “Our Recent Hacking of social media profiles of Israel’s VPM Mr Silvan Shalom was motivated by his recent statement in which he threatened to blow up Gaza. Gaza is not just in Palestine we are all Gaza.”

Pro-Gaza Hackers Completely Dismantle Israeli Official’s Social Media