Praised On The Record

(Courtesy Getty Images)

Glimcher. (Courtesy Getty Images)

Here’s a nice tidbit from The Art Newspaper’s Miami edition today: yesterday The Baer Faxt’s Josh Baer and Marc Glimcher of Pace Gallery were at a panel for the Miami Basel Art Salon and rounded things out with a Q&A session.

A young woman in the audience asked if either thought “online platforms are going to play a bigger role in the market.” Take it away, Art Newspaper!

“No, no,” said Baer, before asking: “Do you work for” The woman made a gesture indicating that she might. “Of course, it’s the future!” Baer suddenly cried. Glimcher chimed in: “Yes, yes, yes, absolutely.” Baer made one last comment: “The Baer Faxt does take advertising. I can help you with that.”

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