Bill to address problem of mold removal advances

TRENTON – The Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee released several bills today, including one addressing mold removal.

A1588: This bill, passed unanimously, requires the Department of Community Affairs, in consultation with the Department of Health and Senior Services, to adopt, within one year after the bill is enacted into law, regulations that establish indoor standards for exposure limits to mold in residential buildings, and procedures for the inspection of residential buildings for mold. 

Sponsor Assemblyman Dan Benson said it is key that there are certifications in place for inspectors and those performing remediation.

“The scary part is there is no standard,’’ Benson said.

Supporters included the League of Municipalities, the Sierra Club, the Realtors Association and the Apartment Association.

A1154: This bill, released unanimously, would require the Board of Public Utilities, in consultation with the Director of Energy Savings, to establish an Energy Efficiency Leadership awards program to recognize State agencies that develop and implement innovative projects that result in a measurable reduction in overall energy usage.

A1314:  This bill requires the Department of Environmental Protection to compile and submit to the governor and the Legislature an annual report detailing the appropriated and unappropriated balances of special funding accounts under the department’s jurisdiction. It passed unanimously.

A1912: This bill, brought up for discussion only, would require any state agency to use, whenever appropriate, pervious concrete as a surface material for the construction or development of any project which shall include, but need not be limited to, an access road, pathway, roadway or parking lot, or any combination thereof.

Bill to address problem of mold removal advances