Bill to hike wrongful imprisonment compensation released

The Assembly Judiciary Committee released a bill that would increase compensation for wrongful imprisonment, from $20,000 to $50,000, among other things.

The bill, A3066, also provides for inflation adjustments once every five years in accordance with changes in the Consumer Price Index as reported by the United States Department of Labor.

In any successful suit in which a claimant’s damages exceed $1 million, the court may order that the award be paid as an annuity with a payout over a maximum period of 20 years. The court would consider the best interests of the claimant in making such determination.

Also, in addition to damages awarded,  the court could order other services, such as  vocational training, tuition assistance, counseling, housing assistance, and health insurance coverage as appropriate.

Those extra services that a court could order irked Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll, (R-25), of Morris Township.

“Those are beyond the scope of traditional Supreme Court rulings,” Carroll said about  the extra services.

Bill to hike wrongful imprisonment compensation released