Bill would ban profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement

TRENTON – A bill that would prohibit law enforcement officials from profiling specific types of vehicles was released from a Senate committee Monday.

The Senate Transportation Committee approved releasing a bill motorcycle riders say will prevent authorities from unfairly profiling them, proponents of the bill said. The legislation, S1685, cleared the committee following a unanimous vote and would prohibit authorities from establishing checkpoints limited to certain vehicles.

“I’ve been riding for 30 plus years and we all know what happens,” said Sen. Donald Norcross, (D-5), a prime sponsor of the proposal.

The lawmaker explained motorcycle riders are routinely stopped by police and feel “targeted for the fact that we’re on a motorcycle,” he said.

Norcross’ comments were echoed by other riders, who testified during the Senate hearing about routinely being stopped by law enforcement under the guise of authorities claiming to be doing safety checks on riders, proponents of the bill said.

“If this practice is really about safety then why just stop motorcycles?” Jim Parker, of the state chapter of American Bikers Advocating Training and Education, asked.

“The very existence of this practice essentially profiles an entire group of citizens,” he said.

The committee also released several other proposed bills:

S1791, would require aggressive driver information to be included in high school driver education courses, including adding language about aggressive driving to certain new driver brochures and in the driver’s license written exam.

Lawmakers unanimously released the bill from committee.

S2085, would provide a sales and use tax exemption for compressed natural gas used to fuel certain bus operations.

Lawmakers unanimously released the bill from committee.

S1856/A1394, would establish a pilot program suspending operations of superintendent and deputy superintendent of elections in certain second-class counties. Bill would ban profiling of motorcyclists by law enforcement