Booting Up: Did You Bring Enough For Everyone? Edition



Did we mention that winter is coming? Y Combinator is funding less startups in its winter 2013 cycle—less than 50 so far, down from 84 this summer. To reach the smaller number, the accelerator focused on predictors of failure. Turned out, they took a friendlier view of applicants they met after lunch. [Y Combinator]

Ashton Kutcher’s movie portrayal of Steve Jobs is set to debut at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2013. But will the tech-savvy actor’s film be overshadowed by another Jobs flick—written by Aaron Sorkin and based on the Walter Issaacson biography that’s also in the works? [The Verge]

A judge gave preliminary approval to Facebook’s plan to pay $10 to as many as 2 million users to settle a class action suit charging the social media giant with using members names without permission to advertise products in its “sponsored Stories” feature. Hurry, while supplies last. [Bloomberg]

Apple and Android operating systems have made massive inroads into the Windows-operating Intel machines. That and more, from Mary Meeker’s report on internet trends. [VentureBeat]

Oracle is paying out $800 million in dividends this month, with an eye to avoiding potential tax increases as Congress seeks a deal on the fiscal cliff. Which is nice if you’re a shareholder, or someone with a private island to sell by year-end. [NYT]


Booting Up: Did You Bring Enough For Everyone? Edition