Booting Up: Have a ff-ing Happy Holidays

ff venture capitalThe Federal Trade Commission broadened restrictions on the types of data companies can gather on Internet users under the age of 13, and closed a loophole that allowed third-parties to gather kids’ information without parental approval. [FTC]

So much for Facebook’s anticipated external ad network, at least for now. The social media giant is halting testing on a program that would use social data to place ads on third-party sites. [AllThingsD]

The New York Stock Exchange touted its role in the startup community, noting that 52 percent of 2012’s tech IPOs listed on the Big Board, and and even showing enough tact to refrain from mentioning that Facebook’s high-profile IPO debacle wasn’t one of them. [NYSE]

Elepath is set to launch Moonbase, a plug and play service that lets users create web animations—without learning how to code. [The Verge]

Alas, the terrible things that didn’t happen to Flavorpill digital media developer James Reston as he skated his longboard to work. [The Onion]

Here’s wishing you an ff-ing happy holidays. [David Teten/ff Venture Capital]


Booting Up: Have a ff-ing Happy Holidays